We offer regular training in several disciplines. We always welcome new faces, whether you’re a complete beginner or an old hand at HEMA. Classes usually begin with a group warm up exercise followed by a session of drill and study, concluding with coached or free sparring for those who have been certified as safe to do so. Please note, for safety and insurance reasons only club members are permitted to spar.

All of our classes are £15 for the full session, with a £10 introductory rate for your first two sessions.


7pm – 9pm

Longsword (in the style of Philippo Vadi), instructed by Jamie MacIver

8pm – 10pm

Smallsword (in the style of Domenico Angelo and P. J. F. Girard), instructed by Mark Rhind
Smallsword has changed location to Kennington Park Centre

Wednesday 8h15pm – 10h15pm

Longsword (in the style of Fiore d’ei Liberi), instructed by Ian Butcher

Rapier (using a mix of masters), instructed by Daniel Weir
with SideSword guest instruction by Sam Booth of the London Renaissance Sword Club

Thursday 7h45pm – 9h45pm

Sword & Buckler (in many styles, focusing on the early styles of sword and buckler. From i.33 through transitional sidesword styles), instructed by Alexandra Austin.

Sabre (military sabre, primarily taken from American sources), instructed by Kerri McArthur.


– Kennington Park Community Centre, Harleyford St, Oval, London SE11 5SY
Nearest tube: Oval (northern)

– Kennington Park Centre for Smallsword

Kit Requirements

For your first class, you will need nothing more than loose clothing you can exercise in. For more details on equipment as you develop or where to buy things please see the equipment page.

Thinking of coming to your first class?

Do it! Seriously, this is a chance to learn actual swordfighting. What could possibly be better than that? We always welcome beginners and many of our regular attendees had no HEMA experience prior to joining.

We offer a beginner’s discount which means your first two session with us are only £10. This can either be 2 sessions with the same weapon or not, depending on if you want to try things out or if you know what you want to study already.

Please note, very occasionally classes may be cancelled at short notice. Please check our Facebook page for updates.