LHFC Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is a set of guidelines and rules that are designed to facilitate learning, growth and trust in our training environment for all students. It is intended to ensure that London Historical Fencing Club and all of our events remain an inclusive and welcoming environment to as wide a range of individuals as possible, while ensuring the safety of all attendees, spectators or by-standers. It covers behaviour expected of members in club training sessions, socials, and events attended as a club member as well as when using club social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook).

Following the Code of Conduct is a condition of attendance at all of our events and classes, for both members and non-members. You are expected to have read it prior to attending, and to follow it at all times. If you believe there has been a Code of Conduct violation, please discuss it with a member of the committee so that we can deal with it appropriately.

You can read the code of conduct in full here: Code of Conduct v3