COVID-19 Policies & Hygiene Measures

London Historical Fencing Club is committed to ensuring that our classes are as safe as possible for all members and visitors. During the ongoing pandemic, there are a number of safety an hygiene measures that we have put in place that must be adhered to by all attendees. If you refuse to follow these measures, you will be denied entry to our classes, as we cannot run classes safely without them. If you have concerns or comments on any of the below measures, you may raise them with the LHFC committee.

These policies may change at any time, sometimes at short notice, based upon changes to guidance and law issued by public health authorities and the government. While we will provide updates to members and reminders in class, it is your responsibility to ensure you aware of and follow our latest policies.

Before Attending

  1. Please do not attend if you are showing any cold, flu or COVID-like symptoms
  2. Likewise, if you have tested positive on a recent COVID test or been told to self isolate, do not attend class
  3. If it is practical for you to do so, please take a lateral flow test before coming to class. We understand that in the current limited-supply of tests it may be difficult to do so
  4. If you are already booked in, we will fully refund your ticket OR transfer it to another class if you are unable to attend because of any of these reasons

Conditions of Attendance

  1. All attendees must provide proof of vaccination to be able to attend any class
  2. On a voluntary basis, if you show proof of vaccination to the instructor they may record it so you do not have to show it in subsequent classes
  3. Alternatively, you may show the pass or status every week if you do not wish us to record your health data
  4. We can only accept attendees who have booked in advance through our website. If you show up without prior booking you will be turned away
  5. By registering, you are consenting to us using your data for contact tracing and sharing it with test & trace if required

During Sessions

  1. On arrival to the venue, please sanitise your hands immediately
  2. Masks should be warn when not exercising, but may be removed for class and particularly when wearing fencing masks
  3. During sparring please ensure that you explicitly discuss your partner’s comfort with close contact and grappling before engaging in it
  4. After training, all equipment you borrowed should be cleaned appropriately with alcohol spray and/or sanitising wipes. Sanitise your hands before and after cleaning.
  5. At KPCC, enter through the main doors and exit through the emergency doors in the hall so as not to mingle with other arrivals
  6. Where there are back to back classes, avoid close contact with members of the other class during the changeover period

After Attending

  1. If you develop symptoms and/or test positive after attending class, please inform the club so that we can take the appropriate action with informing members and test & trace

Other Measures

  1. All classes are running at a reduced maximum capacity to allow additional space as far as possible
  2. All windows and doors for the fencing hall will be open to maximise ventilation
  3. Classes may be cancelled at the last minute if the instructors have been exposed or tested positive for COVID.
  4. If this happens, you will be refunded or your ticket transferred to another class, and you will be emailed directly