LFHC is run by its members and all members have a say in how the club is run, according to our constitution.

All members and attendees are expected to follow our Code of Conduct at all times while at an LHFC class or event. If you see or experience anything that goes against this code of conduct, please raise it with an instructor or a committee member so it can be dealt with appropriately. Our Code of Conduct can be found here: LHFC Code of Conduct v3

We welcome anyone from all walks of life, and every session we strive towards creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment where everyone should feel free to be themselves. We welcome people from all/no genders, races, ethnicities, body types, sexual orientations, and social backgrounds, and we will do our best to create an accessible environment for any disabled person. You also shouldn’t be concerned about your fitness level or prior martial arts background, as most exercises can be performed slowly or at speed depending on your comfort zone.

You do not have to be a member to come to our regular classes, but it is strongly encouraged as only members are able to be assessed for sparring.

To become a member: Please speak to your instructor and they will discuss membership with you