Blades Beyond the Binary 2022

LHFC would like to invite Trans, Intersex, gender non conforming and non binary fencers (or those interested!) to our FREE blades beyond the binary session during Trans Awareness Week 2022

The session will take place Sunday 20th November 2022, 6-9pm

The class is a beginner friendly hands on mixed weapons session where our superstar instructors will teach you all the basics of wielding a sword as well as a brief historical overview.

If you have no previous HEMA experience this will be a great introductory session to get you started in a friendly community atmosphere.

If you are already an experienced fencer feel free to come along and practise your fundamentals, hopefully learn something new and support the event.

Classes will be taught by our talented LHFC Instructors Alyx Austin, Kerri McArthur and Gideon Reed.

All of our classes are taught in a friendly informal manner and you are encouraged to learn at your own pace and ability with regular breaks and 1 on 1 teaching with the instructors

There are limited spaces available so reserve your spot

This can be booked through our website bookings page:

The event is currently sold out. You can join the waitlist here. This will also help us to gauge interest in the event for the future, when we may be able to run a larger event.

We respectfully ask that fencers who are not part of the Trans, Intersex, GNC and non Binary community join us at another event or at one of our regular weekly classes,

Alyx teaching at Trans Pride Brighton 2019

Venue/What to bring

KPCC is an accessible venue with toilets which can be used as private changing facilities

All swords and safety equipment will be provided, (however please feel free to bring your own equipment if you have it) please wear comfortable clothes to exercise in on the day and bring a water bottle vand snacks to stay hydrated and energised

About LHFC

LHFC is an established club with a diverse body of members, and policies in place to help support inclusion of a variety of groups. We are running this campaign to help lower the barrier to entry into the sport we love, for people that can often find new and unknown sports environments unwelcoming.

Historical fencing or Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) is a relatively new sport with an old history. We train using several different weapons and sword fighting styles, with everything we learn being taken from historical texts that described how to fight with a sword. The historical sources which form the basis of our teaching range from the high medieval period (early 15th Century), through the renaissance and into the early modern sources (18th century)

Please also make sure to read our Code of Conduct before attending, as it is a condition of attendance for any of our classes: LHFC Code of Conduct v3